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    promoting Scotch Whisky Through Collaboration.

    #ChooseScotch: A Non Profit Organisation, launching in 2018.

  • Why do we need the Scotch MArketing BoARD?

    Scotch is worth £1 billion pounds to the exchequer AND IT SUPPORTS 40,000 JOBS.

    Every month in France, more Scotch is sold than Cognac in a year! However in 2014, American Whiskey sales were up 9.6% and 7.8 % in 2015. Irish Whisky Exports were up 7% in 2014, making it the fastest growing spirit in the world, and Japanese Whisky was named ‘World Whisky of the Year’. Against this, Scotch exports FELL 7.4% in 2014 and 2.6% in 2015.

  • Who is the Scotch MARkETing BOARD?

    We want people to #ChooseScotch.

    A not-for-profit, private sector organisation;

    The Scotch Marketing Board will be a unique membership organisation - a collective, forged between all the stakeholders in the industry. Trade associations, government, distillers, independent bottlers, retailers, venues, bartenders, brand ambassadors; promoting Scotch Whisky through collaboration.


    We’ll also be looking outside the Scotch industry: working with the best in breed to help deliver our vision: digital marketers, designers and brand creation specialists, bloggers, content creators, photographers, journalists and presenters.

  • Scotch Stats...

    2014 - 2015

    Why is Scotch important?

    40,000 jobs are supported by Scotch.


    In 2014, Scotch sold 99 million cases, earning the exchequer £1 billion.


    Scotch contributes just over £5 billion to the UK economy.


    Every second 34 bottles of Scotch are exported, earning the UK taxpayer £120.


    Every month in France more Scotch is sold than Cognac in a YEAR!


    The threat to Scotch...

    Scotch Whisky exports down 7.4% in 2014 & 2.6% in 2015.


    In 2016 happily we saw an increase in exports from £3.85bil to £3.999bil - although this value is still down from the previous 3 years.


    Tequila predicted to be the biggest selling spirit by 2018. (Source the Liquor Handbook)


    $1 billion USA exports: American whisky sales up 9.6% in 2014 & 7.8 % in 2015.


    American Whiskey exports grew 3.4% in 2015.


    Japanese whisky named 2015 World Whisky of the Year, Canadian whisky wins same award in 2016, Bourbon in 2017.


    76% of the average price of blended Scotch in the UK is tax.


    Irish Whiskey Exports up 7% in 2014 - making it the World's fastest growing spirit.


    Taiwan's Kavalan named 'Best Single Malt' at the 2015 World Whiskies Awards.


    Irish Whiskey predicts export growth of 257% to 25 million 9 Litre cases by 2030. (Source the Irish Food Board).

  • Our Mission

    Promoting Scotch Whisky through collaboration.


    Getting people to #ChooseScotch.


    Creating a definitive Scotch Whisky online portal, with an interactive map of distilleries. Owning the data & delivering a digital footprint for the Scotch industry.


    Independent Scotch Ambassadors to champion our national drink. Representing the whole category of Scotch at consumer and trade events worldwide. Entertaining knowledgeable educators, who celebrate the our unique drink.


    Promotion of accredited training schemes for Scotch Whisky. Creating a fund to provide education for everyone, especially those coming out of Scottish Food and Beverage Educational establishments.


    A new transparency system, like the NOM system for Tequila, on bottles. Displaying the provenance of Scotch, allowing consumers to know where Scotch is distilled, blended and bottled.


    Working towards UNESCO World Heritage Status for Scotch.


    Protecting the historical sites and resources to ensure the continued legacy of Scotch.


    A Scotch Tourism strategy created through collaboration with distilleries, venues, retailers, government, transport and travel companies. Helping encourage more distilleries to open to the public to celebrate the history and heritage of Scotch.


    A Scotch venue accreditation scheme, like Cask Marque for real ale but with whisky. Setting the standard for Scotch service & acting as a bar guidebook of where to find the best.

    A club for global Scotch Fans, Bloggers, Venues, Distillers, Bottlers, Retailers and Professionals. ALL the Collectives' work together for whisky drinkers everywhere.

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  • Join our Board of Advisers...

    Want to help revolutionise the Scotch whisky industry?

    The Scotch Marketing Board is looking to appoint a trusted Board of Advisers.

    Scotch Whisky Association

    Do you want to be A part of delivering Our Vision?

    As a trusted Board Adviser, you will influence the strategic approach in delivering our vision globally.


    It’s an exciting opportunity to join our organisation as a founder Board Adviser, and see The Scotch Marketing Board through from conception to realisation. Our new organisation already has momentum - with an event planned at the Scottish Parliament.


    Scotch Whisky Expert

    What does being a

    Board AdvisEr involve?

    Remuneration and Time Commitment...


    The Trusted Board of Advisers will meet once every quarter - with discussion on progress of our vision, in locations across Scotland. We expect many Board Advisers will ‘dial in’ to video / voice calls as our vision requires a global collective. There will be opportunities to attend other key events throughout the year, representing The Scotch Marketing Board. The position is unremunerated, but expenses can be paid on request.


    Scotch Whisky Marketing

    Tell US

    About You...

    Appointments will be made on merit - but we’re committed to diversity and representing all aspects of the Scotch industry which supports 40,000 jobs.


    • Committed to deliver the objectives of our mission statement - ensuring we deliver benefits to all stakeholders.
    • Passion. Aspirations for Scotch to forge collaborations resulting in world class, visionary solutions.
    • Challenge Us. The Scotch Marketing Board is a work in progress - help make decisions and guide our direction.
    • Communication. You’ll communicate clearly, effectively and passionately about why people should #ChooseScotch.
    • You’ll have a broad understanding of the Scotch industry. 
    Scottish Whiskey

    What’s next?

    Growing the trusted Board of Advisers will be an ongoing process - but we’re hoping to complete the first appointments with founding Advisers joining us in the last quarter of 2016.​


    If you want to be part of our journey, please send CV and/OR a short note about your background, with your views & vision for the Scotch Marketing Board: hello@scotchmarketingboard.com.



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